Saturday, April 25, 2009

financial security

Financial Security
Financial Security is a false concept that developed in society based on the idea that security comes from the perceived reliability of a regular or planned paycheck. Many people, believing in the commitment of their corporations to their well-being, have found themselves downsized, layed-off, outsourced, transferred, or, in some cases, even fired. The immediate reality becomes harshly apparent and sadly disappointing.
The bottom line is that Big Corporations will always be focused on their bottom line. As a dependent corporate employee, you are subject to the whims of the corporation. You have absolutely no control over how much you earn, where you work, the longevity and reliability of your income, or your position. You are simply a number. At any given moment, some nameless pencil-pushing number-cruncher, can deem that you are no longer an asset to the company and, rather, have become a liability. At any given moment, it can be deemed that you no longer factor into the profitability of the corporation - and you're OUT. They don't care if you have a mortgage to pay, 3 kids in college or a new shiny car with a hefty payment. They don't care that you've come in early for the last 9 years or given 20 years of your life to them. The bottom line is that you don't effect the bottom line in a positive you're OUT.
Do you realize that after 40 years of working a J.O.B, 63% of people find themselves financially dependent on their children or government subsidies. 29% never even made it to retirement, 3% are still working, 4% are financially stable and only 1% of people are independently wealthy.
What separates the people in the 1% from everyone else? They are self-reliant and most are self-employed.
True Financial Security is belief in yourself and your ability to instinctively create income for yourself at any time, anywhere. Entrepreneurs understand true Financial Security. We're self-reliant, creative, independent and solution focused. We know that at any given time, regardless of the economy, trends, timing, etc. that we have the skills, know-how, and guts to create our life. We refuse to be dependent on or subject to the whims or decisions of corporations, rather establishing ourselves as corporations, producing our own incomes through commitment, service and sheer motivation. We are Financial Security and as such we reap the rewards.
What you are being offered is an opportunity to learn directly from a team of successful entrepreneurs who will teach you to develop your entrepreneurial self so you no longer have to rely on anyone for your income or sense of well-being.
Almost 3% of Americans have a net worth of over $1,000,000 More than 95% of them are self-employed. Get the picture?
Does this describe you?
You are serious about starting your own business.
You are eager to learn from successful entrepreneurs.
You are looking to achieve a very substantial income within the next 12 months.
You realize that any legitimate business has costs and requires effort.
You are ready to get informed to make an educated, confident decision.
This business is not for is for serious people who want to take control of their future and build a solid, lucrative business. If you answered yes to all of the above, complete the form at the bottom of this page. We will personally contact you within 24-48 hours to conduct a brief interview and get you the information you require to make a confident, educated decision.

Are you Ready To Learn:
To capitalize on a powerful system already in place that has the potential to produce incredible profits starting right now today?
How to enroll the help of successful entrepreneurs who are eager to share with you their secrets of success for FREE?
How to create LEVERAGE so you can finally make more and work less.
How to use surefire, proven marketing tools so that your phone is ringing with qualified customers.
Develop entrepreneurial skills that will enable you to be 100% self-sufficient and self-reliant.
How to get in on one of the fastest growing trends that's already seen more than a 50% increase internationally?
This is not MLM, a pyramid or money scam - if you are looking for these, do not respond.
This business is using a Powerful System already proven to work.
We teach you how to place effective ads so you'll have plenty of customers.
This business is very lucrative!
Just 2-3 hours per day of focused action, 4 or 5 days per week to get results.
All you require is a cell phone and laptop to be completely portable. Work from the ski slopes or the beach...your choice!
Operate from anywhere in the world.
This business does NOT require you to pre-purchase products or warehouse items.
There are no franchise fees, royalties or sharing of profits. 100% of your profits are yours to keep.
No employees!No buildings or facilities required!No weekly meetings!No inventorying or pre-purchasing of any products!No quotas or sales requirements!No hype!

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